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Agile Adoption is Hard! Ask the Right Questions.

Hello All.

Happy Friday!  I read this article a while back but just re-read it today.  If you are struggling with Agile adoption in your organization I highly recommend this one.  It is absolutely right on.  The Author, cspag, discusses six reasons why your Agile adoption may be failing.  He formulates his reasons in six questions that really strike a chord.

  1. How did your company adopt agile: top down mandate or grown organically?
  2. Was your adoption done in stealth mode or full-fledged “Hello world, we’re going agile”?
  3. Do you have real executive support for your agile adoption?
  4. What kind of projects have you implemented agile on: fixed price, fixed scope, fixed schedule?
  5. Has your staff received any kind of agile training?
  6. How many projects have you run in an agile manner and how long ago did you start doing agile?

Check out the article  Agile adoption: Why isn’t this stuff working?


Have a great weekend everyone!


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