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Article: Proactive Risk Management

Hello All and Happy Friday,

It’s been a week of reflecting on Risk Management.  Earlier in the week I posted an article summarizing some Expert Thoughts on Risk Management in Agile Projects and yesterday posted a youtube video discussing Proactive Risk Management.

So today I received a tweet from @SusanneMadsen with a link to a very good article on Proactive Risk Management that I thought I would share with you.  Although the author Roger Kastner is not specifically referencing Agile projects, but any project, the principles ring true.  Mr. Kastner writes:

“Proactive Risk Management is a key process that leads to successful projects. Because all projects will be challenged at some point, Proactive Risk Management will enable the successful Project Manager to safeguard their bandwidth to deal with the big, unforeseen issues that knock the project sideways. Contingency is a major piece of Proactive Risk Management because it enables the successful Project Manager to minimize the impact when the project goes sideways and literally buys the project time to recover.”

Read the entire article here

Have a great weekend!


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