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Denounce Your CSM?!

Hi All,

Seems like there is a movement afoot to diminish the significance of having a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) title.  I ran across an article on – Denounce your CSM – that is quite critical of the entire Agile Alliance and the Scrum Master Certification program.  Apparently there is a new kid on the block that is seeking to improve this business of certifications and training.  This newcomer is the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile).   I was intrigued by the purpose statement that they have posted on their website:

Our Purpose

ICAgile’s goal is to foster thinking and learning around agile methods, skills and tools. We understand the difficulty of balancing education and certification, so as an alternative to other certification programs, ICAgile certification is skills based and requires people to demonstrate they have learned both why (the value) and how (the mechanics) for a core set of skills.

Going beyond validating skills, we will challenge people to use their skills to produce meaningful software products that can adapt to the changing needs of the users and their context. We will avoid a singular focus on process and techniques, which deliver substance (software) without meaning (value to the users). All courses will challenge people to apply what they are learning as tools for discovering real product value and how to best balance technology, skills and delivery to meet the needs of the market and the investors (sponsors).

-Reference ICAgile Website

The ICAgile has supposedly created a roadmap that guides aspiring Agilists in embracing the fundamentals of Agile development in a way that is reported to be more extensive than just spending a couple of hours in a classroom.    ICAgile has posted a roadmap on their website to help guide your agile education from a novice level to experienced in three stages. The three stages are:

International Consortium for Agile

-Reference ICAgile Website

Many of the readers of this blog have their CSM.  Tell me what you think about the latest criticism of the CSM program, Agile Alliance and the up-and-comer…ICAgile!


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