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Flock or Fleece?

Hello All,

On my blog roll there is a link to the Be Good Ventures: Joe and Wanda blog site.  I found a recent blog post on the site entitled Flock or Fleece.  I found the following entry on leaders to be a very appropriate description of any leader or manager, and certainly for a Scrum Master.

“Effective leaders are those interested in the flock – the people they are leading. They see their role as that of a giver – to get behind their people and support them in ways that bring out their best.  Ineffective leaders are interested only in the fleece and couldn’t care less about their flock – they’re takers… The lesson here is to be a giver and show an interest in your flock.  If you do, your flock will respond in ways that will guarantee your success as a leader.”

See the book Instant Turnaround, by Harry Paul and Ross Reck.

A good Scrum Master fits this description in that they are interested in the flock – the people they are leading.  They define their leadership role in terms of the others that they lead.  They facilitate the productivity of the individual team member and thereby the productivity and success of the whole team.  They seek to remove obstacles that would make the team members unproductive and they serve the team members by lifting them up, promoting their strengths and recognizing them and the team’s accomplishments.

As a Scrum Master, ask yourself the question: “Is my behavior demonstrating my concern for the flock or for the fleece?”


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