How Do You Measure the Performance of an Agile Team?


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One of the researchers at CAI provided me this post and an article that you might be interested from Bob Galen.  I would be very interested in how you are using measurements / metrics within your Agile projects.


In the past, we’ve explored Agile methods. One of the key issues is – how do you know what to measure for an Agile development team?

In his article, “The ‘Essence’ of Agile Metrics,” Bob Galen explores the metrics that are helpful and injurous to an Agile team. To develop his list, Galen took the following approach:

I’m thinking of it from the point of view of what you’re trying to improve. In this case, your[sic]measuring estimates and actuals to improve your overall planning and estimation processes. These activities are typically front-loaded actions and are often static…meaning they are completed once at the beginning of the project. Read More>>

If the team is aware of their performance and how they are being measured, will they focus on continual process improvement, a key for functional agile metrics. What are your thoughts? Leave a message to continue the discussion.


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