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I am not failing…I am just getting closer to success!

Failure  is such a nasty word. We use failure to describe the end result of something. But with the advent of Agile Software Development techniques, we have changed the paradigm. Software development is no longer about beginnings and endings. It is about developing an evolutionary approach to the delivery of business value through software. It is a continuous process of successive approximation that will lead only to success over time. We have to stop thinking about software development as projects with defined starts and ends and instead think of it as continuous cycles of value delivery that respond to changes in the world, our businesses and our customer needs.

Are you just executing one-off projects using Agile with varying degrees of failure to success?  Or are you building value through a continuous software development capability that just keeps getting better and that responds immediately to the demands of your business?  Let me know what you are doing!



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