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Is Scrum Too Simple: Comments From You!

Hello All,

The article Is Scrum Too Simple has won the contest so far as having generated the most activity from you, the readers of this blog.   The article had over 50 comments ranging from “Yes…It is too simple”, to “No, it is actually quite complex and difficult to implement. ” Since I post the discussions in several LinkedIn groups not all of the comments make it to the actual blog site.   So, I wanted you to have the benefit of all the comments that I received.  I have included them, unedited, as an MS Word file and made it available to you for download.  It can be accessed on the right panel of this blog.  It is a blue box labeled “My Shared Files.”  Click on the file labeled “LinkedIn Group Discussion on Is Agile Too Simple.doc.”  then just follow the instructions to download the file.  Some of the comments received were:

  • “As Albert Einstein said: “make everything as simple as possible, but do not make it over-simplistic. (my interpretation)”.   No method can be TOO simple – unless it becomes over-simplistic and, as a result, too abstract.
  • “I think that saying that Scrum is too simple has the underlying assumption that it ever was intended to be complete. It never was, it never will be: it’s intentionally as small as it is.”
  • “My 2 cents is that even the agile … a la Scrum, can actually be simplified even further. It’s a good time to re-examine what works in particular organization and may not work in others.”

There are a lot of pretty interesting ones in there so enjoy.  Again, these have not been edited except in one or two instances where the meaning would not have been clear.

I have not quite gotten my arms around all of them yet, but I do plan on consolidating these comments into an article next week.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime…keep your thoughts and ideas coming!


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