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PMI is in the Agile Certification Game

Hello All,

On February 24, 2011, the Project Management Institute (PMI) unveiled their new Agile certification. The number of Agile sessions at PMI events has been growing over the last six years. Sixty-five percent of PMI members are involved in large Agile products, and Gartner predicts that by 2012 80% of software projects will use Agile as the development methodology.

In light of this trend, PMI developed a certification path. The author of the article “PMI Unveils Agile Certification Program” participated in the development of the certification path and was particularly pleased with the quality and depth of knowledge of the other Agile thought leaders that PMI brought to the table.

The author made the following two points in his article:

  • While certifications do not assure competence or capability to manage projects, they are a useful learning tool for people new to the domain. Read More>>
  • …for me it is not so much about the certification, but hopefully the training materials, studying and increased awareness of successful adoption strategies it should bring. Read More>>

I encourage you to visit the blog article; there are links to additional posts that provide more details about PMI’s Agile certification or compare the PMBOK v4 to Agile process mappings. Then come back and discuss what you think of the new certification and its requirements.



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