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Lipstick on a Pig? Calling all Agile Practitioners!

The Body of Knowledge around Agile Software Development Practices continues to grow.  It appears, anyway, that there are a lot of folks out there that have dipped their toes in the Agile waters and depending on who you talk to it is either showing great success, delivering lukewarm results or has resulted in abysmal failures.  Well, this sounds too much like the introduction of any new practices and techniques that have been introduced into the software development community in the last 30 years.  So what is the real truth about Agile Software Development?

I plan on writing a series of articles entitled “Lipstick on a Pig?: Real World Truths About Agile Software Development Practices”.  As such, I am looking for contributors to extend the Body of Knowledge related to the successes and failures of Agile Software Development efforts.  I would like your real-life stories and candid assessment of where we as Agile Practitioners stand as to the expectations and results of Agile projects.

Have you been successful in the full implementations of Agile?  Has the “hype” of Agile techniques lived up to your expectations?  If so, what were the critical factors that led to that success?  If not, what were the risks that were not taken into account, or what were the biggest obstacles to success?

I am looking to you, the Agile workforce for the truths about this emerging field.  I will gather the data, categorize the findings and contribute a series of articles that hope to demystify the Agile trend.  Is Agile all it is cracked up to be or is it just “Lipstick on a Pig”.

You can submit your responses to my email address:  Please, no advertisers.  I am only looking for real world information from those of you that have practiced or are currently practicing Agile in your workplace.

Please indicate in your response whether you want your name associated with the articles.  Any submission I receive that does not expressly grant me permission to use your name will remain anonymous.  And please understand that I cannot provide any financial reimbursement for any articles I receive, and by submitting your articles to me you are granting me all rights to use the information in my articles, royalty and payment free.

Keep visiting my blog to see the results, or just follow me on Twitter at and I will send out notices when the articles appear on my blog:   You can see my profile on linked in at: (and feel free to invite me to LinkIn with you).

Have a Great Day!



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